Imagine your life without chronic pain

It all starts with quality therapy!

 • Manual therapy to decrease pain and improve movement

 • Dry Needling for muscle relaxation and pain relief

 • Spinal stabilization training & core strengthening

 • Custom Upper Extremity Splints by a Board Certified Hand Therapist

 • Relaxation & releasing exercises for chronic pain

Strong relationships and innovative treatments

They keys to successful therapy and pain management are a strong patient-therapist relationship, a comfortable and welcoming environment, and the best use of current research to guide treatment practices. Trust our experienced and compassionate therapists to take your pain and your treatment seriously and give you back the quality of life you deserve.

Complete orthopaedic therapy

•Therapeutic exercises

 • Joint and soft tissue manipulation

 • Specialized hand, wrist, and elbow therapy

 • Iontophoresis

 • Balance training

 • Sports rehabilitation

 • Vertigo and Fall prevention

 • Cervical traction

 • Dry Needling

Call today to learn how we can help you RECOVER from illness or injury, REBUILD your strength and mobility, and RESTORE your health!